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Update on using native Rust externs

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### Connecting TeSSLa to external functions
This feature is in an experimental state and is disabled in the current version of the TeSSLa compiler
(see [TesslaCoreToRust.scala](../src/main/scala/de/uni_luebeck/isp/tessla/tessla_compiler/backends/rustBackend/TesslaCoreToRust.scala):`insertSegments()`).
It is possible to insert your own rust code into the monitor with the `-a` argument.
The contents of this file will be placed at the top of the generated ``.
The corresponding Rust functions and types can be accessed from a TeSSLa specification via the `extern` keyword
with the `native:` prefix in front of the desired name.
For example, this Rust function:
fn bar(x: TesslaInt) -> TesslaFloat {
match TesslaFloat::from(x) {
Error(error) => Error(error),
Value(value) => Value(value.to_degrees())
can be imported to TeSSLa as:
def bar(x: Float): Float = extern("native:bar")
You can find more information on how to deal with the `TesslaValue` container, and how the TeSSLa types correspond to Rust types [here](./
#### Notes:
- All values going in, and coming out of imported native externs, must be of Type `TesslaValue<T>`, where `T` may be a
custom type you defined yourself, if it implements the necessary Traits as specified [here](./
- Expressions using externs cannot be evaluated at compile time. This may in some cases avoid macro expansion.
If a macro (function) which is receiving or returning a stream variable cannot be evaluated at compilation time due to
a non evaluateable extern, compilation will refuse according to TeSSLa language specification.
- As a consequence of the previous point: Extern Rust functions cannot directly receive streams, but can be made liftable, and applied to streams.
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